Unit Interests

Patterns of Change (Weather / Geological / Seismic / Social / Economic / Political). Matter in time and the timing of space.


Unit Tutors

Robert Houmøller is a director at Merrett Houmøller Architects. The practice believes that architecture should be for the greater good, and is interested in creating ‘place’. www.merretthoumoller.com

Jack Wates is a London-based artist and designer whose work is engaged with the politics and perceptions of space. He explores the choreographing of weather, materials, people and light to create spatial experiences. www.jackwates.com


Studio 2016/17

We tend to view buildings as permanent, and architecture as a process of inception, construction and then completion, resulting in a ‘nished’ product. Photographs of the architecture are taken and the architect walks away. Of course in reality this is the beginning of the building’s life, and only a new chapter for the site it lives in.

Materials weather, uses of buildings change, technology makes spaces redundant, new spaces are required due to new technology, culture evolves, people move, governments change, rooms get added, walls knocked through, partitions put up.

The unit will explore the relationship between architecture, the environment and change. The unit believes architecture should respond to context, and will investigate changes within a site as a method of understanding it.

Starting in Dungeness, the unit investigated devices which measured weather – collecting data, then went on to explore how this may relate to a building, and the idea of a place for research. We then moved to Tottenham where the unit looked at weather in a broader sense – social change, migration, economic change, movement of people, political change… Working at Broadwater Farm, the unit undertook rigorous analysis of the site, in order to establish meaningful briefs to work to.


Year 3

Nicole Akano

Sofie Arnevig

Dexter Benjamin

Henry Blazey

Danai Charalampidi

Claudia Dorman-Alonso

Jessica Guy

Eirini Makarouni

Theodora Makri

Julie Oti

Maite Seimetz

Edward Tse


Year 2

Amy Allwood

Rebecca Barnett

Lauren Bryce

Alison Choi

Quincy Chugh

Enrique de la Cueva

James Ford

Thomas Hyde

Eleanor Loasby

Kieran Newell

Josh Richards

Cameron Smith

Rebeka Zackova